Myths and Facts

Myth: You lose control of the income.

Fact: A reputable billing company would have their eye on your income more so than an employee since their income is directly tied to performance and results. Your participation in reviewing receivable reports and statistics are entirely up to you. Participation in providing accurate and complete billing information will enhance your income. A physician and billing service need to work together to make sure your needs are met.

Myth: All billing companies are the same.

Fact: Whereas the processes are similar and the goals and objectives are the same, you want to look for a company with experience, an excellent reputation, and a proven track record. Do not minimize the importance of customer service and availability both to yourself and your patients. National Billing has been in business for over 15 years, and has a proven track record, excellent reputation and experience.

Myth: You have to have experience in my specialty.

Fact: An experienced billing company will have the resources to excel with any specialty. Your relationship is built on trust and confidence. Express your concerns at the onset and be proactive in your participation.

Myth: Billing companies have never met my expectations.

Fact:  Realistic expectations are paramount to having a positive experience with outsourcing your billing. A billing company that can guarantee payment in 4 days is false. The only certainty a billing company can make is the turnaround time published by Medicare for clean and accurate electronic submissions. A billing company has no control over when an insurance company will pay the claim or how much will be paid. They can ensure that the claim is submitted timely and accurately, and they can monitor that the reimbursement is correct and appropriate. A billing company verifies and tracks that you are being paid the amount you have contracted for and will pursue any discrepancies. Finally, they can appeal a claim that is underpaid and will work hard to pursue maximum and timely reimbursement.

Myth: You lose access to your billing and patient data.

Fact: With National Billing you have full online access to all your billing and patient data. At anytime from anywhere you can access your data and run reports, check a patient balance, check to see if a claim has paid, see your receivables and more. You have the same access to the billing as you do when it is done in-house.

Myth:Billing companies only go after the big dollar claims and take just the “gravy off the top.”

Fact: While this may be true with some billing companies, it is not true with National Billing. Although we do get paid a higher amount for a larger dollar claim, we treat all the claims the same no matter the amount of the claim. Since our providers have full access to their data and can run financial reports they would see if we were just going after the bigger claims and would fire our company. We work all your claims until we get them paid, regardless of the amount.

Myth: A billing company doesn’t really save a practice money it basically costs the same as in-house billing if not more.

Fact: This may be one of the biggest myths we hear, so we devised a solution with our “In-House Cost Calculator” We ask that you use our calculator and plug in your yearly financial information as accurately as you can and we will let the cost calculator show you how much you actually spend. After you have found out how much you actually spend, submit the information or call our office and we will then give you a quote that will be far less than what you are paying now, guaranteed. If you are completely honest and enter accurate data, you will see that National Billing will cost far less than doing the billing in-house.